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A virtual cache exists only as a location; there is no physical container or log book. The reward for these caches is the location itself and sharing information about the visit. introduced virtual caches in response to physical caches being banned in places such as National Parks. Since no container is required, a virtual cache can be located in places where hiding a container is impossible or impractical.

Visitors to virtual caches are often required to prove that they found the location by posting photographs taken at the location, or by answering questions about the location. For example, a historical site might require the finder to locate a plaque at the posted coordinates and send email to the cache owner with a piece of obscure information found on the plaque. Photo requirements usually specify that you and/or your GPSr must be in the photo taken at the cache location. This assures that you actually were at the site and are not using an old vacation picture or a photo found on the internet.

Although many locations are interesting, a virtual cache should be sufficiently out of the ordinary to warrant logging a visit. A common guideline was that a loction should be something "worthy of inclusion in a coffee table book."

In 2005, stopped registering new virtual caches (including EarthCaches), although existing virtual caches were grandfathered. New virtual caches had to be registered as waymarks at However, in 2006, started registering new EarthCaches again (but no other new virtual caches).

Geocachers who log a find for a virtual cache receive a virtual cache icon.

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