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Today’s Cacher, which bills itself as "The Online Magazine For Geocachers Everywhere", was first published in March 2004 by a group of geocachers who solidified their ideas in a forum topic that started Oct. 31, 2003 on the discussion boards.

A (for profit) Limited Liability Corporation, the magazine is headed up by publisher Jerry Carter (El Diablo).

Featuring a variety of stories and photos submitted by volunteers, the magazine enjoyed a steady rise in readership during it’s first 15 months of publication. The Humor and People sections have proved to be most successful.

Because of its close relationship with, Today’s Cacher has received some criticism about its tag line, "The Online Magazine for Geocachers Everywhere". The magazine has published stories about other websites to dispel that criticism.

The founding editor, Richard Niles (sept1c_tank) resigned in April. Celena Wolverton (Team Rowdy) is currently managing the editorial department. Sean Wormuth (GeoWorms) is the production manager.

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