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Themed caches are caches that have an unusual requirement or request beyond finding the cache and signing the log.

In 2007, published revised Cache Listing Requirements/Guidelines that clarified how themed caches should be listed. Themed caches with mandatory requirements should be listed as mystery/puzzle caches. Themed caches with optional requests can be listed as traditional caches, assuming they otherwise meet the guidelines for traditional caches.

In 2009, revised the guidelines to prohibit mandatory requirements. Cache owners may request cache seekers to perform optional, simple tasks. Such tasks must be optional. Furthermore, this guideline now applies to previously existing caches with Additional Logging Requirements (ALRs). The ALRs are now officially optional, and cache owners may not delete the Found logs of those who do not complete the ALRs.


List of themed caches

Individual caches

  • Circular Reasoning (Los Altos, CA) requests loggers to trade small, round things.
  • The Five Senses: TASTE (Woodside, CA) requires loggers to describe their favorite food, what it tastes like, and where they get it.
  • I Lost My Marbles (Menlo Park, CA) requests loggers to trade a marble for a marble.
  • Ladies First (Ottawa, Ontario) requires the first 50 loggers to be women, or to post a photo of themselves dressed as women.
  • Ladies First, please... (Clinton, OK) requires the first 30 loggers to be women, or to post a photo of themselves dressed as women.
  • Pizza: NOT on the Menu (Belmont, CA) requires all loggers to describe a kind of pizza that is not normally on the menu.
  • The Purple Heart (Palo Alto, CA) requests loggers to tell a story of a geocaching-related injury.
  • Roses are Red … (Cumming, GA) requires all loggers to post their online logs in verse.
  • Teamwork (Richmond, VA) requires all loggers to find the cache with another geocacher (and spouses and children do not count).
  • The 12 Days of Christmas All Year (Redwood City, CA) requests loggers to trade Christmas-related items.

Series of caches

Ideas for themes

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