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A geocaching streak is a continuous period during which one has found a geocache every day.

Some geocachers have maintained streaks on their own, just because they enjoyed it. For example, kablooey maintained a geocaching streak for more than 10 years between 2003-07-16 and 2013-09-12.

Some geocachers have maintained streaks to qualify for streak challenges.

In 2013, Groundspeak encouraged members to maintain a 31-day streak during their 31 Days of Geocaching promotion, which awarded a Souvenir for each of the 31 days of August 2013.


Tips for Maintaining a Geocaching Streak


The key to maintaining a geocaching streak is planning. When will your schedule make it easier to find caches further from home? When will you be busy and need a quick easy find? When will you not be traveling and need a cache to find close to home? When during the day is it usually easiest for you to stop to search for a cache? Don't wait until 11PM at night to figure out how you're going to find a cache that day to continue your streak.


Make finding a daily cache part of your routine. Quick easy caches are perfect for this. Find a cache during your commute or while running errands. When commuting or traveling, you can vary your route to access new areas with new geocaches to find.


Simply put, don't find them all right away. Save the nearby easy caches for days you're busy and need a nearby easy cache to continue your streak. (That may mean giving up an FTF or two.) Don't find all the caches in an area; save some for later return visits.

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