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An event cache marks the location, date, time, description, requirements, etc. of a geocaching event, which is an official gathering of geocachers. Geocaching events are great opportunities to meet other geocachers in your area.

Many geocaching event caches that are sponsored by a local Geocaching Club will have food, fun, and fraternizing. Friends and family are often invited to geocaching event caches, even if they do not participate in Geocaching. Thus, geocaching event caches are a great method to recruit new geocachers.

Often, event caches are located in an area with many Geocaches around. Sometimes, temporary caches are set up for the geocaching event cache.

The first recorded geocaching get-together (now known as an event cache) was held in Austin, Texas, on March 24, 2001. It was hosted by Eoghan and Pumpkin Princess. The "hide" date was set as the actual date of the event (which became standard practice) and the meeting location coordinates were used for the "cache coordinates". (Ref: The History of Geocaching)

CITO event caches are events held specifically to clean up an area.

In 2006, Groundspeak added support for mega-event caches, which is an event cache attended by at least 500 people.

Geocachers who attend an event cache can post a log and receive an event cache icon.

Games and Activities for Events

Event organizers may find the following list of games and activities for events useful. Be careful not to over-schedule your event, and avoid planning games that split everyone up. Attendees will want unstructured time to socialize.

  • Raffles and Door Prizes — Everyone gets one ticket. You can offer additional tickets as prizes for other games and activities. You can also give special prizes for the attendee who traveled the furthest, the attendee who has the fewest finds, etc.
  • Geocacher Bingo – Attendees receive a "bingo card" with a 5-by-5 grid of characteristics (e.g., has fewer than 100 finds, has more than 1000 finds, owns a virtual cache, has found a terrain 5 cache, still uses an old yellow eTrex), and must write the name of someone with that characteristic who is present at the event. Each name can be used only once.
  • Pin Swap — Attendees receive a lanyard with 10 identical pins on it. There are 10 different designs, and everyone must swap pins with each other to get a complete set of 10 different pins.
  • GPS Accuracy Test — Attendees use their own GPS receivers to place survey flags as close as possible to specified coordinates. The flag closest to the "actual" location (determined in advance by the organizer's GPSr, or better yet, by a high-end surveying system) wins a prize.
  • Crosswords and Word Hunts — Create a crossword or word hunt puzzle using geocaching-related words. Offer prizes for the first few people who correctly solve the puzzle.
  • Cache Decorating/Camouflaging Contest — Invite attendees to bring decorated/camouflaged ammo cans, or have them decorate/camouflage cache containers at the event. (A separate contest for kids can help keep them from getting bored at the event.) The winner gets a prize. Everyone can take home their containers, or they can be auctioned off.
  • The Swag Game — Display a dozen or more assorted trade items (ranging in value from a few cents to a few dollars) on a table, each identified by a different letter. Attendees must list the trade items in order of value. A good prize for the winner is a ready-to-hide cache container, complete with a log and all the trade items from the game.
  • Bobbing for Film Canisters — Fill a tub with water, then toss in film canisters with various prizes in them. As with bobbing for apples, attendees try to retrieve film canisters with their mouths (no hands allowed). They get to keep the prizes in the retrieved film canisters.
  • Micro Toss - Place a target on the ground. Attendees each get to toss one film canister at the target from behind a designated line. The film canister closest to the target wins.
  • Coordinates Hangman - Display a set of blank coordinates (N _ _ ° _ _ . _ _ _ W _ _ _ ° _ _ . _ _ _) at the event. At regular intervals, fill in another digit in the coordinates. The winner is the first person to find the temporary cache located at the coordinates.
  • Scavenger Hunt - either a standard scavenger hunt, or a scavenger hunt based on the contents of temporary caches.
  • Potluck Meals.
  • Temporary caches.

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