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The clothing you wear all depends on who you are and where you are (you wouldn't expect to see a person wearing swim trunks while caching in the Antarctic) however there are some basic things cachers should carry:

  • raincoat
  • bug hat
  • sun hat
  • long pants
  • a sweatshirt
  • more...

Often, waist bag or "fanny pack" is very useful for carrying minimal geocaching gear. A fanny pack helps keep your hands free, is easily accessable (compared to a backpack which needs to be removed to access) and can hold a GPSr, a pen, a small notebook, cache swag, and more. Another variation of this is a bandolier-style nylon web gear belt. The important considerations are a.) it allows freedom of moevement and does not hinder you, and b.) it safely holds your gear. You don't want to back-track and have to search for your $200.00 GPSr because it fell out of a dollar store fanny pack with a broken zipper.

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