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A couch potato cache (also known as an "armchair cache") is a cache that can be logged from the comfort of your own home, without actually going anywhere. They are often virtual caches with verification questions that can be answered through internet research.

Couch potato logs violate the guidelines, which state:

A virtual cache is an existing, permanent landmark of a unique nature. The seeker must answer a question from the landmark and verify to the cache owner that he was physically at the location.

This requirement/expectation has been in the guidelines since July 2002.

Owners of virtual caches are expected to check regularly for bogus logs and delete them. They are also encouraged to tighten the verification if necessary to avoid further abuse (e.g., by requiring a photo, in addition to requiring answers to questions). If the owner of a virtual cache continues to allow it to be abused with bogus couch potato logs, then the local reviewer may archive it.

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